U.S. Burnside 4th (2nd Pat) Model 1864 Carbine


These are a single shot .54 calibre carbine with a double hinged loading lever which also forms the trigger guard. The inner of the pair of underlevers releases the spring catch which allows the breech mechanism to drop down exposing the tapered chamber. The tapered chamber has a firing hole at the base so that the metal tapered cartridge can be ignited by the percussion cap on firing. The breech pivot levers inner side is marked with the serial number 12085 as is the top of the knox form and the breech top. There are various ‘H’ inspection letters on the breech mechanism, barrel, butt, fore-band and trigger tang plate.
The knox form is also marked ‘ Burnside Patent/March 25th 1856 and the back action lock plate is marked Burnside Rifle Co/Providence =R.I. The RHS of the breech frame has the later model guide screw in the centre. The 21” barrel has 5 groove rifling, a flip up rear sight marked to 1, 3, and 5 hundred yards and a blade fore-sight. The top of the barrel is marked ‘cast steel 1862’ and has a single barrel band to the fore-stock, a steel curved butt plate and butt sling swivel LOA 995mm

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