Swiss Milbank-Amsler Abgeandort 1867 Rifle


These are a transitional ‘Trap-door’ rifle converting a Swiss muzzle loading rifle into a breechloader. There were various conversions over the years from percussion smooth-bore to rifled barrels and finally the Milbank-Amsler conversion in 1867. This rifle was converted by A.Francotte of Liege, one of the 20 gunmakers who undertook the conversions on the behalf of the Swiss Government. The breech block is a two part hinged upward lifting block with a ‘Beaver’ tail, hinged lifting/ locking plate. The spring loaded firing pin goes diagonally through the block. The lock plate is marked A. Francotte, A. Liege plus a A.F. proof mark, and the plate does not have a screw at the front. The 4 grooved rifled barrel has a stepped front sight and an adjustable rear sight to 800 metres with two barrel bands. The fore-band has one sling swivel and the other is on the lower butt tang with a full hardwood stock, spur trigger guard and an Iron ramrod. Original serial number 241 on the breechblock, barrel and butt. Stock also marked with a roundel A.Francotte. A.Liege with a ‘Le Peron’ in the centre. The conversion number 422 and 8.77. is marked on the stock underside, the barrel and stock in the way of the breech also numbered 422. There are a number of Swiss proof/acceptance marks on all metal parts including a large 13 star Cantonal shield of Valais on the barrel top. LOA 1310mm Barrel 850mm.
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