Kerrs Model 1862 Spanish Revolver


Kerrs Model 1862 Spanish Revolver bear only the serial number 3061 and the acceptance markings of the inspecting navy commission (A-anchor-O) at the Real Fábrica de Placencia.
In found condition steel work cleaned with walnut grips steel but and lanyard ring the action is slightly at fault but a rare revolver to find. Percussion five shots Cal 11mm with 146mm barrel. In the Navy, the dispositions July 9, 1859, ordering the replacement of the ship’s percussion naval pistols for revolvers, did not specify the revolver model, which should have been the Lefaucheux. In February of 1860 some of these were already being delivered to the ships but, the Trubia Factory’s production being insufficient, the Navy was forced to acquire the commercial Lefaucheux Model of 1854 in France and Belgium; These were also imported for the Marine Infantry officers for whom it had been declared regulation sidearm on the 29th November, 1859; Later on they were purchased from the private manufacturers in Eibar. Then on February, 22, 1862 it was decreed that the 11 mm Kerr revolver made in England by the “London Armoury Company” (L.A.C) and under license in Belgium,by Auguste Francotte, be adopted for the ship’s complements. Its inventor, James Kerr, had not registered the patent in Spain and, therefore, it could be manufactured here without a license. UK Delivery Only

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