2nd Model LeMat Percussion Revolver and Accessories


2nd Model LeMat Revolver. The revolver has the distinctive LeMat nine-shot cylinder, .41 caliber, rifled barrel with attached smoothbore ‘grape-shot’ barrel, two-position hammer and finely checkered, two-piece, walnut grips. The revolver has the 2nd Model features that include a full-octagon revolver barrel with loading lever on the left side, round trigger guard and fixed butt-ring with lanyard hole The top barrel flat is marked with the 4th style marking: “SYSTme LAMAT Bte S.C.D.G. PARIS” in one line. The right side of the barrel is stamped with the LeMat trademark: a five-pointed star above the letters “LM”. The revolver has British proof and view marks stamped on the top of the cylinder above each chamber and on the left side of the revolver barrel. The British proofs indicate that the French-made revolver components were shipped to Great Britain for inspection, proofing, assembly and Confederate acceptance. However this revolver does not have a Confederate acceptance mark but has matching serial numbers located on the right side of the barrel, the lower right side of the frame and the cylinder of 2072 This serial number falls with a range of numbers of LeMat’s at the West Point Museum and it is possible missed being stamped. It is complete with case, flask, bullet mould and very rare capper.

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