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We trade in Historic Military Antiques plus related items and are recognised as carrying one of the largest variety of Arms, Armour and Militaria in the UK. We accept all major credit cards and have established clients all over the world through our mail - order service. We operate a same day packing policy which means your purchased goods arrive promptly and without delay.

All our items are catalogued and available for you to view on this web site, we literally do sell a vast variety of  Histroic Military Antiques which includes, antique swords, dagger, dirks, military uniforms, military helmets,  Flintlock, Percussion, Pinfire, Pistol, Carbines , Rifles, Muskets and Sporting Guns . We have a major selection of British Swords , Scottish Swords, French Swords, German Swords, Italian Swords, Turkish Swords, Russian Swords and American Swords. With the introduction of a African, Persian South sea, Tribal item's such as Spears, Shields and artefacts our collection is complete.


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