Swedish M1864-68-85 Carbine


This Remington rolling block action carbine was made under licence at the Carl Gustafs Stads Gerarsfaktori and is marked with the Crown over ‘C’ and dated 1869 on the action side plate. This type of carbine was used by the fortress Artillery, Pontoniers and Sapper Battalions and is a cut down from the 64/68 rifles, it has the plugged hole in the trigger guard where the sling swivel used to be mounted. The 18” barrel has six grooved rifling, a blade foresight and flip up ladder sight to 750 metres. The barrel is marked with inspection marks to the breech top and serial no 1486 on the LHS of the barrel. The serial number is also marked on the stock wrist, butt plate and action side. With Birch woodwork, steel furniture with the exception of the brass butt plate, including a single spring retained barrel band, a cleaning rod and butt sling. There is also an inset brass unit disc in the LHS of the butt marked T.B. over B over no 58. LOA 860mm.
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