Presentation Silver Scottish Dirk dated 1847


Silver mounted presentation dirk – Presented by Lord Adolphus Fitzclarence to John Strewart Sept 10th 1847 Carved grip with silver stud and decorative and engraved pommel cap, the engraving is matching to all the silver fitting. Good single edged blade with small top fuller and contained in it’s black tooled leather scabbard and ensuite knife and fork. Overall length 18 inches – all fittings test as silver but are not hallmarked – Notes: FitzClarence was born at Bushy House, Middlesex, and was an illegitimate child of Prince William, Duke of Clarence (later William IV and his mistress, Dorothy Jordan He attended a boarding school in Sunbury-on-Thames before being sent to sea at the age of eleven in 1813, aboard Impregnable. He subsequently served as a midshipman aboard Newcastle based in North America and then later in the Mediterranean Sea. On receiving his commission as lieutenant in April 1821, he transferred to Euryalus and after being promoted to the rank of commander in May 1823, he later served aboard Brisk and Redwing in the North Sea. When promoted to captain in December 1824, he commanded Ariadne in 1826, Challenger in 1827 and Pallas in 1828. On the accession of FitzClarence’s father as king in 1830, he took command of the Royal Yacht, Royal George. His father also granted him and his siblings the rank of a younger son/daughter of a marquess by Royal Warrant of Precedence in 1831, enabling him to prefix Lord before his name and he was knighted the following year. He was also appointed Groom of the Robes in 1830 and a Lord of the Bedchamber in 1833. On the death of his father and the accession of his cousin Victoria in 1837, FitzClarence retained command of the Royal Yacht until he was promoted to a rear-admiral in 1853 and his allowance allowed to continue. The queen reported that he “burst into tears, and said it was unexpected, for they the FitzClarences did not dare to hope for anything” as illegitimate children of a former monarch. In 1848, he also became a naval aide-de-camp to the queen and retained the office until he died, unmarried, at Newburgh Priory in 1856.

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