Norwegian M1859 Kammerlader Rifle


This is an 18 Bore single shot, black powder, breech loading M1859 Army pattern rifle made at Kongsberg in 1860. Only 1300 unconverted original M1859 Pattern rifles were made. The breech opening is activated by a side lever with an eccentric cam which when lifted upwards opens the rear pivoted breech which takes a Minie ball in a paper cartridge. This is a ‘under-hammer’ rifle with the curved hammer guard actually being the main spring for the hammer, the hammer can be moved downwards once the breech is opened to place the percussion cap on the nipple. The rifle is extensively marked, the breech with 1860/crown/K
while the rest of the rifle is marked throughout with the serial number 12048 including the brass butt plate, trigger guard, and the two spring retained barrel bands. The browned six groove rifled barrel has a block and blade foresight and a flip up rear sight marked up to 800 metres, with a sling swivel under the fore barrel band and another in front of the main hammer spring. There is a bayonet lug to take a Yataghan sword bayonet.
LOA 1260 mm Barrel 772mm and Barrel external diameter 23mm. Please note free UK shipping only – Worldwide shipping to be agreed

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