Swiss M1871 Stutzer Vetterli Short Rifle


This is a tubular feed bolt action rifle in 10.4mm calibre. The tube magazine design taken from the Winchester and the bolt design from the Dreyse rifle. The rifle was manufactured at Eidgenossische Montier –Werkstette in 1871/2 for the Cantonal arsenal at ‘Vaud.’ The barrel is marked with serial no 3025 which is found throughout plus MW under Swiss cross and ‘Vaud’. The breech side plate also marked MW under ’+’ and 3025. There is a flip up central sight between two quadrant side plates marked on LHS with even hundreds of metres up to 1000 and the other side with odd hundreds with a block and blade foresight The Stutzer version has the Stetcher double set of triggers allowing a very low trigger pressure to fire the rifle and was used by snipers/marksmen. Steel furniture and cleaning rod, heavily curved steel butt plate, the steelwork marked throughout with inspection marks, two sling swivels. With a chequered wooden fore-stock marked with a ‘V’ inside a shield surmounted with the Swiss cross and the butt top woodwork marked ‘D1+C11’ in a rectangle Loa 1258mm.

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