British Gibbs Farquharson Military Target Rifle.C.1874


This is a breech loading black powder rifle with the falling block Farquharson action.
One action side is marked ‘George Gibbs Bristol’ while the other side has the safety catch marked ‘Bolted’ and ‘free’ plus ‘Farquharson patent 450.’ The underlever for the falling block has a spring loaded locking catch. The rifled .461 Metford barrel is marked at the breech end with ‘Metford’s Patent1257’ and proof marks while the barrel is marked ’George Gibbs, 29 Corn Street Bristol’. The rifle has ladder sights to 1000 yards and blade fore-sight with detachable windage adjustable target fore-sight with a spare element, detachable target rear sight plus spirit level in a separate box. The rifle has steel furniture, clearing rod and two barrel bands, the fore-band has the bayonet lug and sling swivel, the other sling swivel is underside of the butt and a three quarter walnut stock. Note:- the Free/Bolted safety lever still allows the hammer to fall but the cartridge is protected by a safety bar so the hammer cannot hit the primer and fire the rifle. Free UK Mainland Shipping only

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