A Pair of 54 Bore Double Barrelled Flintlock Pistol by Grice 1778


Maker marked and hallmarks for 1778 with long slender three-stage turn-off barrels numbered up to 3 border engraved actions each signed on a scroll within rococo ornament and flowering foliage on each side, and decorated with a martial trophy on the tangs, octagonal breeches engraved with flower heads, border engraved cocks, steels and sliding iron cut-offs, the last each mounted on the left, sliding trigger-guard safety-catches each engraved with a flower head on the bow, figured rounded butts inlaid with fine silver wire scrollwork and shells heightened by small engraved silver foliate panels, and silver butt-caps each cast and chased with foliage, scallop shells, and a crescent above a flowerhead centred on the retaining screw, hallmarked and maker marked WG, Tower Private proof marks 16.7 cm. barrels William Grice is recorded working at 5 Sand Street, Birmingham between 1774-1781 following which date he was in partnership with Joseph Grice at the same address. He died on 25 July 1790. It is most unusual to find a gunsmith with a registered silver mark as a small worker

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