Persian Decorated Armour Mid 19th century


Persian Decorated Armour Mid 19th century comprising of kulah khud-helmet and dhal-shield each highly decoration with figures, calligraphic cartouches floral decoration with gold inlay. The kulah khud fitted with characteristic plume-holders, nasal bar, raised sun and mail neck defense however instead the central spike is in the form of a peacock with plumes one missing. For similar helmets see Chodynski, 2000 Persian Arms and Armor cat. 52, p. 236, cat. 61, p.262). Peacocks and suns were often used on arms and armor and also standards during the Moharram events and also the recital of the Shahname (Book of Kings) The dhal with four bosses and raised sun to center with matching decoration and gold inlay note age repair to part on the brass edging. over all diameter 47cm

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