British Service Lancaster Carbine 1855 Pattern


Lancaster Ordnance .577 Carbine, steel barrel with patent oval bore and marked Lancaster patent on barrel top plus Birmingham proof marks at LHS of breech and serial no 1895. With bayonet lug (no 259) on RHS of barrel, reversed ladder sights to 1000yrds marked B/36 & no 379 plus a steel ramrod. Two barrels bands, fore band marked B/81 with sling swivel, rear band marked B/29. Brass trigger guard, for-end and butt plate ,stamped no 25 just in front of trigger, butt plate marked G-62-585-V.V. as it saw service with the Australian ‘Victorian Volunteers’. Roundel on RHS of butt,’ Birmingham 1861’ surrounding‘W downward arrow O’ and no 1 to the right of the roundel, no 1500 and initials J.A.B on left hand side of stock and B/67 and name ‘Goodman’ stamped into underside of butt behind sling swivel. Lock plate with crown over V.R. and Tower 1861 plus small crown over downward arrow. Nipple protector on link chain secured forward of trigger guard. Loa 1218mm.

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