Cameronians Officers Wolseley Helmet


Cameronians Officers Wolseley Helmet to Colonel Stormouth Darling, in good solid condition with spike, side plume, regimental badge and black lines. The helmet show age wear but no damage to surface, internal maker details F W Flight Winchester and name label stating Stormouth Darling and size. It is complete with velvet backed chin chain and transit tin with name plaque plus various photographs. This helmet is shown on in detail however the following statement is below the listing : Information has just been provided, 3rd June 2012, that the Wolseley helmet shown above with the four fold puggaree is a fake in that the regiment never wore puggarees in such a fashion. This information was provided by an ex-curator of the Cameronians Museum who, regrettably has been ill and therefore, could not respond earlier.
This is a very nice helmet and is certainly not a fake Wolseley helmet but regarding the puggarees being worn in this style I do not know, wartime replacement maybe guess we will never know for sure.

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