British Tower Eliott Carbine and Bayonet


British Tower Eliott Carbine and Bayonet in super condition with plain barrel stamped L H 383 and tang, the former with fore-sight also forming the lug for a bayonet, border engraved rounded lock with GR crowned and Tower across the tail, figured full stock, with apron around the barrel tang, stamped with inspector’s marks behind the trigger-guard tang, regulation brass mounts, flat side-plate of shaped outline, brass fore-end cap, steel sling bar, original steel ramrod with characteristic swelling cut with a groove, Tower proofs. This carbine takes its name from the designer General George Augustus Eliott. It was first approved in June 1773 and was intended for light dragoons. Although the design 20 years old at the onset of the Napoleonic War 1803-1815 and it was still in use long after 1815. Please note free shipping to UK only the rest of the world at cost.

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