British ‘Thomas Wilson’s 1859 Patent Rifle


This .577 rifle is a two band breech loading single shot capping breech loader with the unique
Thomas Wilson patent ( 1318 May 28th 1859) breech mechanism. This is a rearward opening slide bolt which is held locked by a side pull/push locking wedge behind the hammer. The hammer cannot be moved until this wedge is in the correct position. The plain side lock is marked with the royal crown and the date 1869. The 5 band 33” rifled barrel has Birmingham proofs and .25 bore ( .577) stamps, it is also marked on the barrel top with ‘ T. Wilson Patent’ and at the knox form with the serial number A12439. The slide top has an inverted triangle mark’ T.W over P’ and the serial number is also marked on the underside of the side ‘wedge’ and twice on the sliding bolt and once on the underside of the chequered spring loaded ‘ fish tail’ bolt end.
The rifle has all iron furniture, military ladder rear sights to 1100 yards and a block and blade foresight. The fore barrel band also has the fore sling mount while the rear sling mount is on the butt. There is a bayonet lug , no lead ,bar on barrel on RHS of barrel, clearing rod with square jag. Standard Enfield pattern stock. These later rifles were made for volunteer troops in Tasmania and Australia while about 6 early versions with a smaller bore and brass furniture are said to have been used in by American Confederate troops in the civil war. Please note free UK shipping only – Worldwide shipping to be agreed

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