British .577 Prince’s 1853 Patent Rifle


.577 Percussion capping breech loading Princes patent rifle by Reilly, London. Back action lock engraved Reilly London. Spur trigger guard squared at the front with locking slide that prevents breech opening bolt being moved. Walnut stock with iron furniture chequered to the wrist with the breech opening bolt to the underside forward of the trigger guard. Five grooved rifling, 31” long heavy military pattern Damascus twist steel .577calibre barrel fitted with a ladder rear sight to 1100 yards plus military pattern fixed front sight. The top of the barrel is engraved’ Reilly New Oxford Street London’ The front barrel band forms the runner which allows the whole barrel to move forward so the paper cartridge could be loaded and this in turn was ignited by the percussion cap. This was a very positive locking breech action which gave a good gas seal when used with felt based rounds. Numbered 10872 in front of the trigger spur. The Princes patent rifle outshot the Enfield Rifle in the 1855 Army trials. Free UK Mainland Shipping only

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