Prussian Line Kurassier NCO Helmet


Prussian Line Kurassier NCO Helmet metal helmet made of nickel-steel, with a rounded front peak and a three-piece lobster neck-guard, edged in gilt trim, featuring a tall spike mounted onto a gilt neck and oval base, the base features four gilded dome heads, the front of the helmet features a gilt Prussian Line eagle, the convex chinscales with both National and Prussian State cockades, the interior is lined with a leather liner. This helmet suggests private purchase like those usually worn by senior NCOs. Officers’ helmets can be slightly different by having fluted spikes, clover-leaf spike bases, chinscale bosses, and stepped front peaks. For more information see Thomas N.G. Stubbs, Imperial German Military Officers’ Helmets & Head Dress, 1871-1918 (Atglen, PA: Schiffer Military History, 2004), 247-248.

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