Dress Swords of Captain Henry John Lloyd Wynne 2nd Life Guards


The two Life Guards 1796 pattern dress swords, one solid guard, one hinged. The solid guard manufactured by Hamburger, Rogers & Co. the hinged guard manufactured by Andrews, Pall Mall. The type of dress sword worn in frock coat dress by the regiments of the Household Cavalry until 1856, the hinged guard version uniquely by officers of the 2nd Life Guards. Both swords attributed to the one officer of the 2nd Life Guards, Henry John Lloyd Wynne – initially commissioned into that regiment in 1853. His initials etched on both swords in exactly the same style/font. In the case of the hinged guard sword the initials are on the sword only, engraved into the brass pommel. On the fixed guard the initials are etched on both the sword blade and engraved into the top brass mount of the scabbard. Both swords are housed in their black leather scabbard with top and bottom gilt brass mounts.
The solid guard sword also has the manufacturers name etched on the blade, at the top, just under the hilt Hamburger Rogers & Co. 30 King St. Covent Garden, London. The blade of the hinged guard sword is plain except for the manufacturers name, Andrews 9 Pall Mall, etched just under the hilt, at the top of the blade on one side. The hilt of the solid guard sword is complete and not cut down in any way, as is sometimes found with this type of sword/1796 patterns on the inside of the guard. The inside of the guard is designed to lay flat against the side and has a rounded edge, matching the outer side, clearly indicating this has not been modified in any way. Sold with research note one scabbard has been refurbished

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