Crimean War Deane Adams and Deane Revolver


Crimean War period Deane Adams and Deane Revolver belonging to Major General Markham Le For Taylor. The barrel is engraved with Lieut M Le Taylor Royal Artillery along with Deane Adams and Deane and address which is worn, the frame with Adams Patent and serial No 1567. The 1859 Army List states that Taylor served in 1855 in the trenches, with the sleigh train at the siege and fall of Sebastopol and bombardments of 6th and 7th June and August. He was promoted to second lieutenant in the Royal Artillery on 29th December that year and to Lieutenant on 5th January 1854 The above information indicates this revolver would have been Taylor throughout the Crimean war. The revolver 50 cal with 7.5 inch barrel showing age wear and floral decoration to the frame with chequered wooden grip and steel butt plate

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