British WW2 Intantry Officer’s Sword by Wilkinson


Belonging to Major S H Winterbottom MC produced by Wilkinson Sword, regulation infantry officer’s hilt with GR and crown, fish skin grip and chequered back strap. The staight plain blade is engraved with Major S H Winterbottom MC within scroll panal with makers details and proof plug. Complete with field scabbard overall length -98cm blade 83cm Notes: During the night of 9 – 10 May 1940, Germany invaded Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg; and under pressure, the French Army, and the British Expeditionary Force, were ordered to withdraw. The enemy advanced towards Amiens and Arras with the intention of reaching the Channel coast. On the night of 20 May the German army reached the sea at Abbeville having transversed and cut the communications of the northern armies. All forward elements of the British Expeditionary Force were held in a vast pocket from which there was no escape other than by sea. In that pocket was 5 Group commanded by Lieutenant Colonel D J Dean VC TD which included 68 Company under the command of Major S H Winterbottom MC. During the third week of May the encircled British forces began their retirement to the Channel ports of Dunkirk, Calais and Boulogne: 5 Group were ordered to Boulogne.

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