British 1845 Officer’s Sword by Wilkinson with Gill Blade

British 1845 Infantry officer’s sword with regulation hilt with VR and crown plus owners initials. The fish skin grip shows age wear and is secured by gilt wire. The blade is by Gill and engraved on one side with Tho Gill Warranted Never to Fail the reverse with family crest although faint it is still visible. The crest is of a cockatrice which belongs to a family name of ASHE which matches the main initial on the hilt with connections to Liverpool and Ireland but further research is needed. The scabbard as been purpose made by Wilkinson Sword to fit the blade and is steel with the regulation mounts the top one marked Wilkinson Sword London. We can only assume the that Wilkinson Sword have mounted a family blade into 1845 Infantry sword to conform with the army regulations of the time