German Left Hand Dagger by Christian Leygebe c 1650


Excellent dagger with cast and chiseled silver hilt, the hollow grip is made of intertwined scroll work with large floral bud pommel. The cross guard with straight quillons and central round guard with three down-turned diagonal bars again all with matching floral decoration overall length 33cm blade 21cm. Notes: Gottfried Christian Leygebe (1630-1683) of Nuremberg was a highly acclaimed sculptor and metal worker. In 1645 he travelled to Nuremberg to train as an armourer with Albrecht Liechtmann. He specialized in engraving in iron, made contact with Georg Pfründt, an artist experienced in this technique, and developed into one of the best medalists and die-cutters of his time. Leygebe had his own workshop by 1653. In 1668 he was appointed Medallist, Coiner and Sculptor to Prince Friedrich Wilhelm, the Elector of Brandenburg. He specialized in custom sword hilts for the aristocracy and wealthy merchants such as the directors of the VOC (Dutch East India Company). A sword in Skokloster Castle, Sweden features a very similar skeleton hilt with identical intertwined knot work

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