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Presentation Sword to Captain W Leslie By The Aberdour Company
Price £ 4950.00
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An Ormolu-Mounted Officer's Sword Presented To Captain William Leslie By The Aberdour Company Fraserburgh Battalion, Aberdeenshire Volunteers In 1805 Dated 1805 With curved fullered single-edged blade (minor areas of rust patination) brightly etched over most of its length along one side with designs of foliage involving a martial trophy, crowned 'GR' cypher, a pineapple, a figure of Britannia, and an elaborate martial trophy, and along the other with further designs of foliage, post-1801 royal arms and mottoes, and the presentation inscription, the etching over both sides of the forte retaining most of its original gilding and blueing, cast and chased stirrup-hilt comprising langets each with a lion-mask boss, lobed rear quillon, faceted knuckle-guard with bullion and red cloth sword-knot, pommel formed as the head and fore-legs of a lion, its mane extending down the back-piece, and flattened swelling grip bound with twisted silver wire, in original black leather scabbard with ormolu locket, chape (gilding worn) and suspension mounts each with foliate engraved borders centred on lion-mask bosses, two fixed rings for suspension, and retaining most of its original gilding 84.5 cm. blade
Footnotes:The presentation inscription reads: 'From the Aberdour Company, Fraserburgh Battalion, Aberdeenshire Volunteers, To Captain William Leslie In Testimony of their Regards and Esteem, 1805 Captain William Leslie of the Pitsligo Parish, Aberdour was appointed Captain of the Aberdour Company, Fraserburgh Battalion on 15 October 1803, the same day as his Lieutenant, another William Leslie. The Company mustered sixty rank and file, and the Captain relinquished his command in late 1805 or early 1806, as his Lieutenant is promoted Captain on 18 March 1806