Michael D Long
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Admiralty Presentation Sextant dated 1892
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An Admiralty presentation quality sextant dated 1892, made by Troughton & Simms London, and engraved silver plate on the handle inscribed Presented by the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to Sub-Lieutenant John D. Edwards for Meritorious Examination, 1892, in its fitted mahogany case with all accessories and Kew Observatory certificate in the lid d. Feb. 1893. Excellent Condition. Note: John Douglas Edwards 1871-1932 who served with distinction in World War I was awarded French, Russian and Czech honours and a C.B. in 1919 and retired in 1920 with the rank of Vice Admiral. He also was Commander of HMS Sutlej at the time of the Messina Earthquake 12.6.08, Commanded HMS Falmouth and was present at actions off Heligoland and Jutland in 1916, ship sunk by U-boat; as Captain assigned to Air Department in 1918, Commodore 2nd Class and Commander or SNO of HMS Kent Cruiser February 1919. Vladivostock 1918/9. Further details with lot.